About us

Vincent Bergmans (l.), Leo van der Mijn (r.)

Leo van der Mijn and Vincent Bergmans have been working in the shoe industry all their lives. In Portugal in particular, they have both had shoes produced for decades.

They have been closely involved in the production of orthopedic shoes since 1998. Partly because of this, they decided in 2010 to set up a new company that focuses exclusively on the production of high-quality orthopedic footwear.
The company based in Arrifana (Portugal) grew steadily over the years, which made it necessary in 2018 to look for a larger production location.

My Orthopedics moved to a new location in São João de Madeira (Portugal) in the summer of 2019, where there are opportunities for further growth.

The next generation is currently stepping forward to take over the management of the company. Rogier van der Mijn and Pedro Moreiro have both gained a lot of experience and knowledge in the shoe industry and have been working at MyOrthopedics since 2015.

My Orthopedics currently produces custom shoes mainly for the Dutch, Belgian and Scandinavian markets.