Shafts and lining

We use the very best quality leather. For this we work closely with Maasleder from Waalwijk. We work with a wide collection of materials, calfskin lining, fur lining and synthetic lining material (including lining for diabetics). On request, we can search for specific desired materials, which we purchase from specialized suppliers.

Soles and bottoms

The majority of the soles that we process in our production come from the van Drunen company in Nieuwkuijk. We also make extensive use of sole models from Vibram from Italy and Nora from Germany. We can also make special bases suitable for screwing in studs and golf shoe spikes. If desired, we can also purchase soles from suppliers who supply the clothing industry.

Remaining materials

We process Renoflex, Ercoflex, dipping material and leather for the counterforts. We also use PPT as well as different types of foam if desired for ankle padding. My Orthopedics also has the option of incorporating carbon and Kevlar into the shoe. We can also embroider any desired design on the shaft or put it on the shaft or base with laser.